Online Mastering: Is it Really Worth the Extra Cost?

Online Mastering is an exciting new service from Apple that allows you to listen to your own music, even when you are on the move. Online Mastering provides the flexibility and power of traditional Mastering studios while simultaneously offering a higher level of quality than ever before. Instead of being limited to a small number of sessions, you are given the opportunity to master your own music recordings, using the same equipment and mastering software used by top recording artists. Online Mastering gives you the opportunity to collaborate with artists and recording engineers while saving both time and money.

Online Mastering is an extremely secure online mastering service designed specifically for the professional mastering studio. You are assigned a mastering engineer, who in turn assigns you a certain musical genre, style, and genre influences to play back on your iTunes library. As you listen, you make edits, add more instrumentals, take out parts of a track, and everything is recorded digitally, saving you both time and money. The complete process takes less than two hours, including setup and editing, the final mix down, and final submission to the artist or label for approval. If you don’t have a favorite mastering engineer yet, you can simply pick which online mastering service you prefer to work with, or if you don’t have a favorite artist, the first engineer registered with the online mastering service will take over and master all of your music files for you.

Mastering is typically done in the main room of the studio, but many online mastering services also offer smaller rooms or studios located elsewhere around the world. Recording engineers are trained to work with different levels of privacy depending on their surroundings, such as having an open phone line in a public area to recording in a small room with closed doors will require a different set up. Digital technology has also made it much easier for engineers to adjust sounds and fades, for instance. This has made it possible to do things that would have been impossible just a few years ago, like fade in and fade out the dialog at different pitches to achieve the desired result. It’s amazing what’s out there when it comes to sound engineers and Online Mastering.

One major benefit to working with an online mastering studio is the fact that they offer sound quality that will amaze any listener. In addition to their wide range of gear, digital media tools, and listening techniques, the professionals at one of these facilities also employ musicians and sound editors to work closely with the artists. If you were to try to mix or re-record any song, the audience and mix will sound completely different, which can be very frustrating and difficult. That’s not the case when you’re working with professionals.

The process begins by uploading your files to the online mastering service, and once it has found what it calls “compressed masters,” (also called compressed MP3s), they’ll send them out to the engineers who will then begin the process of converting your music to a loss-free format so that it will fit on multiple CDs. There are several different ways an engineer will reduce a song to loss-free format, but they all basically involve downsizing the original audio track to a smaller size. The engineer will compress it until it is nearly impossible to distinguish the difference between the compressed audio file and the original and then send it out as a WAV file, which can be played on several different devices. The compressed file will then be remixed by a musician or band with the ability to make adjustments to the music. Once the desired sound quality is achieved, it will be time for the engineers to transfer the file to the disc where the artist and band can hear it and make any final adjustments before completing the mastering.

In addition to offering lossless audio files for download, online mastering studios will also give you the ability to preview the newly remixed song. During this time, you’ll have the ability to listen to the song as it was originally recorded and find any flaws or scratches that need to be worked on. If there are any recordings that need to be edited out, the engineers at these studios are happy to do that as well. By offering such a comprehensive service, these engineers ensure that every client’s dream come true. When an engineer shows up at your doorstep ready and able to help you achieve your goals, you know that online mastering is truly the way to go.

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